Friday, May 8, 2009


Valerie Finnis : Horticulturist and flower photographer
 Above: Her and husband, Sir David Scott's house in Nottinghamshire
Valerie and her husband. (above)

All images below photographed by Valerie Finnis
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Anonymous said...

I have been remiss in saying how very much I love your blog, one of the few I click immediately once I've seen it's updated. Sometimes, and usually, less is more (so much more).


Anonymous said...

You probably already know this, but the top two images are from the April issue of 'The World of Interiors.' I'm working on a post for my blog suggesting it might be the single best issue of a magazine ever. Finnis' home was what prompted me to pick it up in the first place. But these additional images are outstanding. Thank you!

Lark said...

I bought the magazine for exactly the same reason. It sure is a great issue, and I was really inspired.